How do we create a Bee Friendly Monmouthshire?

Provide safe and sufficient habitat to maintain and increase healthy populations of indigenous pollinating insects.

Engage, influence and support the Welsh Government, key agencies, organisations, local and national authorities, councils, land owners, businesses, schools, communities and individuals to support these aims.

Raise public awareness of talks for community groups, old or young.
Email us at beefriendlymonmouthshire@gmail.com

Our stand at the Bees for Development “Bee Festival”

Bee Friendly Monmouthshire Objectives

Find us on Facebook :-  https://www.facebook.co/beefriendlymon/

“Less Mow No Spray”  a “sister” Facebook site:- 

BFM  Newsletters –

Bee Friendly Monmouthshire leaflet 2015
BfM Newsletter – July 2016
BfM Newsletter – Winter 2017
BfM-Newsletter July 2017
BfM Newsletter – January 2018

Wildflower seed sales

Our main project is the sale of packets of specially selected wild flower seeds. See a list of contents of the seed packets and the Sowing instructions (in English and Welsh):-

Monmouthshire Mix list of seeds in the packet
Sowing Instructions (English and Welsh)

Hedgerow Manifesto

Hedgerows are important.  They give food and safe haven for wildlife.  Bee Friendly Monmouthshire has produced a Hedgerow Manifesto giving best practice for hedgerow management. Click to download a copy of this manifesto.

The Welsh Government’s new Bee Friendly Scheme

See all the details …

BFM at the Welsh National Eisteddfod 2016

Our pollinator friendly flower bed at the Eisteddfod, Wales

Our Eisteddfod Pollinator Friendly flower beds

Eisteddfod Beds Plant List

BFM at the 2016 National Gardens Scheme

BFM has attended gardens opened as part of the National Gardens Scheme.
Read our report..

Presentation to the Usk in Bloom Awards Ceremony

The Bee Friendly Monmouthshire secretary  gave an illustrated talk about the crisis affecting our pollinating insects and the knock-on impact this was having on other wildlife and the implications for gardeners.  See the summary …  award ceremony talk

Reduce roadside verge cutting:-

Reduce Monmouthshire Verge Cutting
Letter to MCC Councillors re Verge Cutting

What Dorset County Council are doing for wildlife on their verges:-

Plantlife Road Verges and Wildlife Management Guidelines:-

Group supporters include:-

Abergavenny, Chepstow and Monmouth Transition Towns, Abergavenny and Crickhowell Friends of the Earth, Bees for Development, Bumblebee Conservation Trust, Gwent Beekeepers Association, Gwent Energy CIC, Gwent Wildlife Trust, Humble by Nature, Monmouthshire Meadows, Monmouthshire County Council and Wye Valley Apiaries.

See our Patron and Sponsors:-

BeeFriendlyMonmouthshireLogEmail:   beefriendlymonmouthshire@gmail.com

Facebook:   https://www.facebook.com/beefriendlymon/

Twitter: @beefriendlymon

Bee Friendly Monmouthshire… Data Protection Policy

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