A colourful carpet of wildflowers flayed by strimmers !

Where have all the flowers gone? Monmouthshire County Council and trunk road agency argue it out over who cut down roadside flowers.

Abergavenny Chronicle report:-


Regarding the wildflower cuts in Wern Gifford, Pandy last week, Bee Friendly Monmouthshire would like to express how disheartened they are. Wildflowers don’t just appear overnight and cutting them before they seed delays their growth by a few years.
As such, some beautiful wildflowers have naturally self seeded and sprung up in the verges near the new roundabouts at Llanfoist. We have put very important signs there as reminders to the contractors/council to please not cut them whilst they are flowering. We also ask the public to not take the signs – we are kindly funded by the public and not the council!

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