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Bees for Development –

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Welsh Assembly Government Action Plan for Pollinators

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“The Pollinator Garden – facts about plants, pollinating insects and gardening” –   See the “What you can do” section for Planting for pollinators, Basic information on wildlife friendly gardening and Making a bee “hotel”.


Royal Horticultural Society, Plants for pollinators –
Royal Horticultural Society, Encouraging bees in gardens –

Welsh Organic Wild Flowers – supplier of Monmouthshire grown plug plants.

Seven Falk’s online identification guide for bees –

Species Identification, Bees, Wasps and Ants Recording Society –

Assisting local conservation projects by identifying and mapping the bees of Monmouthshire –

A future without neonicotinoid pesticides.  A farmers experience –

Blog Site on Natural Beekeeping in Abergavenny –

Friends of the Earth, Bee Cause News –

Wildlife Gardening Forum
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