Reduce Verge Cutting in Monmouthshire


Which would you rather see along Monmouthshire’s country and urban roads? Sterile mown grass verges or a colourful display of native wild flowers and long grasses, buzzing with insects, creating a better habitat for insects, birds and mammals? We at Bee Friendly Monmouthshire would very much prefer to see the flowers and longer grass.

There has been an overwhelmingly enthusiastic public response to the pollinator-friendly urban flower planting promoted by Bee Friendly Monmouthshire and carried out by Monmouthshire County Council  which transformed some of the County’s roundabouts, verges and green spaces into dazzling floral displays and havens for pollinating insects.

One of the key targets of Monmouthshire County Council’s Pollinator Policy, introduced in the spring of 2014, was to reduce the cutting regime on roadside verges to enable local native wild plants to flourish. To our great disappointment a mere 4% reduction in verge cutting was achieved. We advocate setting a target of a 20% reduction. This will not only increase biodiversity but will also reduce unnecessary costs.

The Lydart Ridge road in Monmouthshire had Tansy, Knapweed, Agrimony, flowering Field Scabious etc  growing.  All friendly for pollinators.  Then it was mowed early!

Please join us in lobbying your local County Councillors for a further reduction in verge cutting, where road safety permits, by sending them a letter or email.

You can find a list of all Monmouthshire County Councillors on the following web page.

Click on Visit the Mapping website and then enter your postcode and address. A new page will come up showing, amongst other things, the name of your County Councillor. Go back to the list on the first page and click on his or her name to find the email address.